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Welcome to the SITZENS Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) page for Pets! You can choose healthy, nutritious snacks for your dog, cat or horse produced by SITZENS using locally-sourced, farm-fresh ingredients and shipped via USPS to your pet's favorite address. Subscriptions are available for one, three, six and twelve months. All CSA packages come in a variety of sizes, and contain the same farm-fresh SITZENS you find at your local farmers market. In addition, each SITZENS CSA purchased supports New England and northeastern local and regional agriculture.

For a custom monthly CSA subscription with specific requirements for your pet, please contact us directly at clarke@LaszloFamilyFarm.com or telephone (978)386-0039.

Note: SITZENS CSA may ship with cool packs. Due to the perishable nature of certain SITZENS products, we reserve the right to delay shipping due to seasonally high temperatures. Unlike other pet products, SITZENS are free of preservatives. We recommend refrigerating or freezing SITZENS when you receive them. No refunds are offered on CSA purchases. CSA subscriptions may be transferrable.

CSA ship USPS standard mail or 2-3 day USPS priority mail to northeastern destinations and 3-4 day USPS priority mail to all other lower 48 states. When choosing USPS Priority Express delivery, additional charges for subsequent monthly billings will be added to the initial invoice, less the $5.00 shipping discount per CSA shipment. Due to the perishable nature of SITZENS roasted meats and smoked products, seasonally high temperatures may affect shipping dates. Shipping outside of the lower 48 states is unavailable at this time.